Pebble & Dime was founded in 2015 by Vivian Sawatzky. From a humble little crochet shop, it has evolved over the years into what it is today: a line of fashion and accessories for the fierce and fearless. We believe fashion is an amazingly creative form of self expression and we want to inspire you to live a life you love, and look good doing it. 

Our products are handmade in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We believe in embracing the slow fashion movement: our one of a kind pieces are hand cut and sewn in our sunny studio, our shirts are printed locally, and materials are ethically sourced locally whenever possible. 

What began as a label for women soon expanded to include men and those who identify however they identify. Many of our styles come in unisex styles and sizes because we know that true style doesn't have a gender.


about Viv.

Vivian is a maker, writer, thinker, and doer. She's a poet, a lover of red wine, a dog mom, and an entrepreneur. A fashionista and an avid crocheter. She's a creative. She dabbles in a lot of things but her greatest pleasure in life is to be able to stubbornly do things her own way, no matter what. You can find her other creative projects at and